HandTrux Videos

HandTrux Videos

Review HandTrux  by The New Toy



HandTrux in Gadget Man
o.a. Discovery Channel Channel 4 UK / England

(Full episode) scroll to approx minute 16 min


Kids play on the beach with the HandTrux "Backhoe" Diggingarm


HandTrux also fun for girls

At ThinkGeek they show you what else you can do with the HandTrux. 
Like eating soup and cake. 


CBS Early Show Collest Toys


CBS Philly Orr at The Shore (vanaf min 1:35)


 HandTrux Owner and Inventor:
Ernest van Den Heuvel


TV Show US Excavator
With Ernie van den Heuvel


HandTrux is also a handy tool.


HandTrux is also fun for dad (and mom too)

HandTrux at Carlo en Irene  (Dutch TV)