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By Lizzchick
Awesome gift for my nephew's 3rd birthday. It was a HUGE hit! We were at the beach playing with it all day and he'll also use it at home in his sandbox. Great way to expand the imagination. & best of all super sturdy construction. No batteries needed, this one is powered by imagination!


By Ana P. Cordova
We went to the beach yesterday and though my son's sand toys leave a lot to be desired (think empty yogurt cups and very, very old shovels), he did have one new toy which he was pretty happy about - the HandTrux Backhoe.
This toy measures over a foot long and has a handraulic power-grip hidden inside which allows the child to control the grasp. The HandTrux Backhoe is of spectacular quality, but most importantly, it's made in the USA. This toy also appears to be a one-size-fits-all thanks to the large opening on the HandTrux Backhoe - even my husband was able to use it!


By E. Kennedy
Toy trucks are fun but often kids just want to get their hands dirty. That's where this HandTrux Backhoe comes in. Fun for either playing around the yard or at the beach. We found out they're even good for helping in the garden. Show the kids what size holes you need for larger plants and have them dig for you! They'll usually let you pay them for the construction work in lemonade or cookies.

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"I loved that this was a simple, easy to use toy that used no batteries, and was simply powered by imagination -
kids can pretend they are a robotic person, or if you're my family - try to dig a hole to China.
LOL It says it is for ages 5 and up, but smaller kids can use it
(there really aren't any little parts so I didn't even blink an eye letting my daughter try it out)
and yes - big kids like my DH who went nuts over it."




"My boys were so excited to try out this new toy that I didn’t think I was going 
to get photos. No worries though, I did snap a couple of photos before they ran out the door. 
The younger boys-6 year old and 3 year old, have been playing with it since we 
received it. They love it and are always out in the yard digging new holes up. 
We haven’t taken our Hand Trux to the beach yet, but I think all of my boys 
would really enjoy digging in the sand with it! They have been 
using their Hand Trux to dig up dirt and little rocks around the yard."




"The HandTrux is a fun digging toy for kids, and adults, 
of all ages. It fit both my 10 year old daughter’s slim arm and 
her dad’s much larger one comfortably. It also digs a mean sandcastle moat.
The toy is made out of very sturdy plastic with no sharp edges. 
It seems like it will hold up well for years if we take care of it."




"I get sent a lot of press releases for products that I don’t think you guys 
would be interested in so I never publish them but today I received one
that I thought was super awesome. I have no clue what the price is but who cares, 
you basically become a beach construction vehicle with these arms."



"The HandTrux Backhoe is of spectacular quality,
but most importantly, it's made in the USA.
This toy also appears to be a one-size-fits-all thanks to
the large opening on the HandTrux Backhoe."




"HandTrux is a very well made outdoor toy.
The arm sleeve and digging bucket are made of hard plastic which
really stand up to the use a little boy gives his favorite outside toys.
The digging bucket moves easily and it is simple to use in the dirt.
The sleeve is more than large enough to accommodate even an adult's
arm which means that although this toy is intended for ages five and up,
it lets Dad get down and dirty too even if he's just "showing"
his kids how to play with it. I really like the style of the HandTrux.
The bright yellow construction color will certainly appeal to the
little boy who loves trucks, but it has a sort of super hero look too
allowing your child to scoop dirt with a bucket on the end of their arm."





"Handtrux Toys has created one of the most awesome hand shovels for kids ever.
Mikey loves this shovel. I actually took it to Kaia’s school for the kids to
try out and everyone loved it especially the boys. Mikey had a bit of a hard
time sharing but it was great seeing how Mikey was able to use the
Handtrux Toy and how the older kids were able to use the toy just as easily."





"The first glimpse of this toy on my sons’ face was one of sheer delight!
He wasn’t accustomed to receiving such gifts.
What was more hilarious was that he thought it was a Wolverine (superhero) hand.
I explained to him the digging power the Hand Trux has and the rest was history.
We went to the nearest sandbox and he gave it a go.
His imagination soared while using the handraulic power-grip machine.
He was able to construct or excavate the sand to his liking.
He even created a superhero scene in the sandbox while digging.
It was quite hilarious."



Iris B
HandTrux Digger Toy. When we went camping recently we took some of these diggers with us. They proved to be so useful for scooping and flattening out the campsite area. The kids got involved with the work because they thought it was a great game!
Tammy H.
Backhoe Digger Toy. When we moved into our new house, we had a lot of fixing and cleaning up to do in the garden. The kids were a bit reluctant to help as they saw it as work! We bought these great digger hand extensions and next thing, all the kids wanted a chance to try them out. We got the garden cleaned up really fast!
Inez G.
Backhoe Digger Toy. My young son just loves playing with this Handtrux digger toy which he got as a present. It can scoop up huge amounts of sand easily and he absolutely loves it. I am so pleased because it gets him away from the TV and out into the sunshine!
Jacquelyn B.
Fun digger hand tool. We have three sons and we sometimes run out of ideas for gifts. When my husband saw these digger tools he knew that the boys would really like them. The kids had the greatest time digging in the sand. The toys are strong and will last a long time, they are a very good buy.
Carol M
I got one of these for my younger brother and now he pretends he's a transformer when he's in the sandbox.
Joyce R
This toy is great, I have two of them. They are strong and durable and the kids just love digging with them. I have had to cordon off my flowers so they don't dig up my whole garden by mistake!
Lori S
My son is obsessed with robots and cars and especially the transformers. I can't wait to get him one of these for his birthday next month!
Mark W
Digger Toy by HandTrux. This is such a clever toy and works so well. It is made from strong plastic and just slips over the arm to give a strong digging hand. My young son absolutely loves playing in the sand with it.
Joyce R
Handtrux Backhoe digger. I wanted a really special birthday present for my nephew wo just turned 5 and who is crazy about trucks, tractors and backhoes. So, when I found this HandTrux, I knew I'd hit the jackpot!
Jessica M
Handtrux Backhoe digger. We bought these Handtrux Backhoe diggers for the kids when we went on vacation. The kids love them because they are strong and sturdy and much more fun than the everyday shovel. They dug a hole deep enough for me to almost get lost in!
Sandra F
Digger Toy. When we went on vacation to the beach, we bought the kids these great digger toys. They had such fun playing in the sand. The tool is strong and is easy to clean after they were done.