On the road with Ernie (4)

Jay dropped Aldo off at the diner and Ernie picked him up. Ernie wanted to show Aldo some of the parts of New Jersey. They went to DeMarino Trucking and Top Soil. The company that Ernie worked with in his excavating days. There are developments to make a TV series about the work that this company is doing and the colorful people doing it. It is playing professionaly in the dirt for a living. Who does not like to see this? 





Aldo met all the Guys at DeMarino. They look rough but they are very nice. If you see them at first you think you are going to end up in a ditch and be burried alive, but they are the warmest people you will ever meet in the Excavating industry. Besides meeting them there was also a nice opportunity to make some publicity photo's. So Aldo changed into his overalls and some of the Hardware was turned on. The guys at DeMarino went out of there way to help make the photo's look as good as possible. Getting up into a bulldozer or backhoe was fun to do. Aldo could also be behind a desk programming some website or webshop. But this is more fun. Ernie and Aldo drove around in a bulldozer on the DeMarino grounds. Pictures were taken of them together. The HandTrux International Limited Multinational Franchise corporation USA Europe connection. They needed to work on a better name for it. 



ernie demarinoaldo backhoe


ernie aldoaldo backhoe 2


The road trip continued and they drove around in New Jersey. They talked a lot. Exchanging their views about business and life itself. Sometimes the European and American views on things did not match but that was not a problem. As long as you're talking and not shouting at each other you can learn from one another. There was a lot to see and the beatiful countryside makes it a joy to drive through it. The Netherlands is very small and there is not a lot of space. Where ever you go in The Netherlands there are always houses, people and sounds. In New Jersey you could see for miles and there was none of that. The two men made further agreements on how to make HandTrux an international success. It will be a lot of hard work but both men were not scared to work up a sweat. If you are a small company and you need to take it on against the bigger ones you will need to be smarter and more original. The drive to succeed is bigger and the challenge to get there is more interesting. Both men hoped that the reward for it would also be there of course. And that is not money alone. "Most great things in life are not things.......". 


The next day they went to the factory to see the pallets with product being put in the container. It was the 5th of March. The 6th birtday of Arthur. Aldo's son. (The boy in the red overalls below) That made the moment have an even more special ring to it. The truck pulled up and the products were loaded in the container. The start of HandTrux Europe was now official. It would take about 14 days untill the container would be in The Netherlands. A few days later Aldo flew back home.

containercontainer truckarthur sitting


Goodbye New York and New Jersey. Until next time!

 goodbye new york


There will be more adventures to tell. 


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