A dutchman in New York (3)

new york here i comeAfter sleeping off the jet lag, there was a new day in New York. Aldo's Armenian new friend showed him what Armenian hospitallity means. Something he already knew about from his wife Ruzanna. "Jay" or if you'd really like to try (at your own risk!): "Zhirayr" had taken a leave of absence for the whole week to drive Aldo where ever he needed and wanted to go. Later in the week there was even a bit of a fight about a dinner bill Aldo insisted he would pay for, but he was not given any chance to do so. You would say a dutchmen would be happy. There is a phrasing in the Enlish language "to go dutch", which means to split the bill, but even this was not permited by Jay.

They would visit the HandTrux Office a few times. Also, arrangements were made between Jay and factoryErnie. Jay would drop off Aldo at a certain diner and Ernie would pick him up. The first thing Aldo wanted to do was visit the factory where they were making the Toys. So they did. It is also something for Aldo to see it for real. Ernie gave a tour and explained together with Tony Karl, the owner of the factory, how things work and how the HandTrux Backhoe is made. It's always advisable if you would ever do something like this and invest a lot of money in something that you will visit the factory. To see the production for real will help you get a feel for how things are made. What is possible and what a descision as a salesman can mean on the factory floor. In this way you will not likely make the mistake most salesman make: promising something you cannot deliver because of restrictions in the production of the product. 

It is impressive to see the process of producing the HandTrux. The manual laybor that goes in to it. you would expect to see one big machine to produce a HandTux Backhoe every second, but it is made from several parts that are put together. So there is some manual labor involved. There is also a quality check and not all units are good enough to sell. The temparature of the mold and the stuff that is injected into it is very important. If the temperature is a little off than the quality is comprimised. At the factory Quality is taken very seriously. The hard working people at the factory have been working there for years. You can feel the loyalty between all concerned.  This not only means that they don't want to let the other one down, but also you can depend on each other for years. Build upon each other. This means you would do something extra for one and other. This can not be bought with money and is very precious. 



Ernie and Aldo and the Karl Family who own and run the factory have talked for a while. About several things. The future products that are in development and how to meet up with demand. How to keep their quality standards and still have a good volume. The times were China was always the best choice to have products made is over. For some things it is better to do it "at home". Moneywise has China also grown. So the profit advantage is also not always there. You can be loyal to each other and you can do this without losing your eye on the business side of it.  Give each other the space they need. To do what he or she is good at. Believe in and support each other. But also be bruttaly honest if you need to be. Aldo tried to lift a 500 pound mold. He failed. He felt his back for a while. 


After visiting the factory Aldo and Jay drove to the city and went on a media run. Aldo had some addresses from the internet and decided to visit some of the media that had an office in New York. Boldly walk into the office building and ask if he could speak to someone who was specialized in small business or the Toy industry. The first office Aldo walked into was a paper who published a paper about investing. The security officer did not let him through and gave him the phone. He was connected with an editor. Aldo talked about what he was doing in New York and his plans. The editor said "Just walking in here and expecting to be heard is The most terrible **** idea i have listened to in a long time.
"So this means no?" Aldo asked.

aldo david lettermandavid letterman officeHe hoped to have more luck at David Letterman. He and his father were a big fan of Letterman. So he needed to visit the Ed Sullivan theater for him. Aldo also knew that David Letterman has a son that might like the HandTrux. So Aldo had writen a short letter to Mr. Letterman about his father and how he liked the show and thanking him for it and he hoped Mr. Letterman's son would have a good time with the HandTrux. Aldo tried to open the door of the beautifull theater but it was closed. That was a disappointment. After taking some photo's in front of the theater a man came walking out the theater wearing overalls. Aldo ran up to him and explained what he wanted to do. The man smiled and explained that this week there were no recordings so the theatre was closed until then and Mr. Letterman was not there. "Is there an office i can drop this off?" Aldo asked. The man in the overalls guided him arround the corner. There was a security officer and Aldo explained again why he was there. It was possible to give the HandTrux to him and he would make sure it would be placed in the office of Mr. Letterman. Of course he wanted to try the HandTrux himself. 


freddy new york times

Then Jay and Aldo went to the New York Times. An impressive building. Also here was a security officer. His name was Freddy and he was very nice and enthusiastic about the HandTrux. He wanted a few for his ebay store. Every American is a entrepreneur of some sort Aldo thought. No wonder it has such a vibrant economy. Aldo could call the journalist of the "Small business" section in the lobby but she was out. He left a voice mail. Aldo gave Freddy a businesscard for Ernie and thanked him for the help. Aldo gave Freddie the HandTrux and thanked him for the help. Back in Holland Aldo would call the Journalist and have a nice talk. Aldo asked some advice about media and how to go about this. The Journalist took some time and gave some advice.   

Enough press and media for one day. Aldo and Jay did some sightseeing. Jay is a private cab driver and knows the city of New York better than his home town of Yerevan in Armenia where he grew up. That is a handy guy to have arround. They went to several parts of the city.
empire state building
It is a very impressive place to be. The energy you heard of is there. Aldo talked to a lot of people while he was there. The guy at the Subway who made his sandwich (Italian BMT) had a sister living in Amsterdam. The lady at the Empire state building explained a lot about New York and it's history. She was also interested in the HandTrux. She did not mind to have a picture taken with Aldo. She is holding a flyer of HandTrux Europe. 





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