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HandTrux LLC America is now a few years active. Founded and owned by Ernest van den Heuvel. This rocking inventor had in his teen years an accident were

he received and electric shock from an electricity tower. He was burned over most of his body. He recoverd for the most part from this. Since then he is a creative energy on his own. Inventions and composing music for his rockband are the two great passions in life for him. Started out as a backhoe driver and making good money he invested in the development of his dreamtoy: The HandTrux Backhoe. He is an excavation equipment operator-turned-inventor, who is in the Who’s Who of American Inventors since 1992 and owner of dozens of copyrights, trademarks and patents. 

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HandTrux LLC USA is developing rapidly into a company that makes good sales every year. Without a big marketing budget it is doing very well. An increase in demand with every year. A company that grows likes this must have a product that is selling because of the originality and the quality. The products are made in New York and not in China. In this way quality can be guarenteed and monitored. Also an dynamic production capability. Transport from the USA to Europe is much faster then from China. In New York they can make a product also against competing prices. MADE IN THE USA. A USP on its own.


ernie aldoIn 2012 Aldo de Beunje contacted HandTrux LLC in New York. He saw the toy on the internet and fell in love with it. It started out as an order for a few thousand units, but it developed in a working relationship and partnership. Ernie talked about friendship. Aldo talked about a discount. You're dutch or you're not. HandTrux Europe was formed and Aldo is managing the internation sales. Ernie is managing local American sales and product development.  

Both men realy found each other and they look forward to the future of HandTrux LLC en HandTrux Europe. They seperated the responsibilties to guide the increase in demand and make sure everything is taken care of. They will attent the Business to Business toyfairs in Nuremberg Germany and New York in 2014. 

Read the blog of Ernie and Aldo.


There will be other products and a animation series in development. The script is written and the designs for the characters are now as we speak being designed. International distribution is now being set up. This started in march of this year. Other partners, wholesalers and distributors are found. As we speak there are distributors for The Netherlands, Belgium, Israel and Sweden. Negotiations with some other countries are taking place. HandTrux has big ambition. The world will hear more of this brand in time to come. HandTrux is digging its way to the top. 

Who is digging with us?



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