Strong and Active toys

two boys 

The HandTrux brand is about strong, durable, original toys that challenge kids to go out there and be active.

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Transform yourself

handtrux digging machine

Transform yourself and become a diggingmachine! In stead of playing with one, become the diggingmachine. 

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On the beach

beach handtrux

Play on the beach. Dig faster and get your sand castle ready in no time! It will also dig with rock, dirt and pebles. Also kids love to clean up their toys with the HandTrux. 

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In the snow

handtrux snow
Use the HandTrux in the snow and build your iglo and have a snow fight! You wil be a winner for sure.

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HandTrux a new brand in Europe

stoere vent

HandTrux is a new American brand that is now also active in Europe and other countries. Their superstrong original toys are making a name in the rest of the world after doing very well in America. The quality and originality appeals to children. They dig for hours, transform their self in a digging robot. An adult can stand on the toy without it breaking. There are enough toys that break when you unwrap it.


Not with HandTrux. We like the fact that you can rely on our quality. It is a safe toy for children from 3 years and older. We recommend children from 5 and up. 


Dig in sand, dirt, gravel or snow. It's easy. Turn yourself in a diggingmachine. Kids rather be a digging machine then playing with one. Kids want to feel bigger then they are. With the HandTrux "Backhoe", Diggingarm they can. 

Ernie and Aldo digging a way to the top!

ernie aldoErnest van den Heuvel (USA, Inventor and Owner of HandTrux), Aldo de Beunje (Owner HandTrux Europe, International Sales) both entrepreneur and in heart stil kids. Have a blog about their ongoing effort to build a brand that provides original and quality toys to kids to get them into active play, build, create, get outside and challenge themself. A blog (Text, Video and Images) about building a small company into a bigger company with limited means but unlimited ambition. So read and view our blog. And let us know what you think!

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